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8 Semi-Private Sessions and UNLIMITED Facility Access




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6:30 AM Performance Fit Class




College Student & First Responder/Military
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Strength and Conditioning : 1-on-1 Training with Performance Lab Strength Coach

All 1-on-1 training sessions are 60 minute and utilize Performance Lab’s core principles of Olympic weightlifting technique, full-body conditioning, and movements leading to increased functionality and work capacity

Strength and Conditioning : SGT (Small Group Training) with Performance Lab Strength Coach

Performance lab stands alone with our carefully programmed SGT principles. SGT is built around Olympic weightlifting technique, strength lifts, full-body functional movements, and anaerobic (near-anaerobic threshold) conditioning. Weightlifting is a world renowned Olympic sport that utilizes a barbell loaded with weighted plates. Every SGT session is capped at a 5:1 (athlete : coach) ratio! The ratio ensures adequate supervision over athletes participating in SGT.

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